About Us

Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation Uganda.

In 1994, the Rwandan genocide stole lives if almost 1 million people. Nearly 20% of the population was killed in just 100 days. The rest were left being angry and hurting. In the wake of this war, the pilgrim center’s founders, Dr. Arthur and Molly Rouner were invited to Rwanda by World Vision. Was there anything that could be done, not to change conflict continues. Communities need to be rebuilt but how can that happen unless lives are?

This is where the work of the Pilgrim Center begins. Into the dark cycles of historic and contemporary pain and conflict, for individuals and groups of people in Africa, America and beyond.

The Pilgrim Center brings hope and healing by renewing individuals, restoring relationship, and revitalizing communities through the ministry of reconciliation.

Fundamental Goals

Creating safe spaces. we gently invite individuals to repentance, forgiveness and restored relationships. Coming alongside, we empower individuals and groups to serve their communities, to rebuild trust and strengthen the social fabric of their community

Our Mission & Vision

Our calling is to bring hope and healing by revitalizing individuals, restoring relationships, and renewing communities through the ministry of reconciliation.

Principles and Values

We Embrace our dependence on God and rest in His healing power. We welcome all people and affirm the dignity of every human being as created in the image of God. We seek to create safe spaces, where strangers and enemies can be friends!

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The Impact we seek through Transformational talks.

We believe Uganda is the heart of the great lakes region and has a vibrant young generation that will bring transformation in a free and positive environment. This can only be achieved by inspiring and equipping them to dream on a global scale. By bringing hope and healing, renewing individuals, restoration of relationships and revitalizing communities through peace and reconciliation, we are committed to empower people that will be future think tanks and agents of peace and reconciliation across the globe.