PCR Farm was established in 2021 as a dynamic agricultural venture committed to sustainable and innovative farming practices to sustain the work of renewing individuals, restoring relationships and revitalization of communities.

OUR VISION. To Sustain and reinforce global support for the reconciliation movement through agriculture

Our mission: To balance productivity, environmental responsibility, and community well-being.


  • Income generation: Our primary objective is to sustain and enhance the work of reconciliation globally through agricultural operations.
  • Increase food security: This is aimed at boosting agricultural productivity by implementing strategic measures to increase crop yields by 5% per acre.
  • Enhance Water Availability and Utilization: Recognizing the critical role of water in agriculture, PCR Farm is committed to developing a solar-pumping water irrigation system. Our goal is not only to ensure a consistent water supply for our crops but also to maximize water utilization efficiency. By implementing sustainable irrigation practices, we strive to minimize water wastage and contribute to environmental conservation.
  • Strengthen Farm Safety Protocols: The health and safety of our farm workers are paramount. PCR Farm is dedicated to enhancing and fortifying safety protocols across all aspects of our operations. This includes implementing measures to protect workers from potential hazards, providing training programs, and promoting a culture of safety awareness. We believe that a secure and healthy workforce is fundamental to the success and sustainability of our agricultural endeavors.

Crop overview

Watermelon and Pumpkin

Watermelon and pumpkin are strategically rotated on 3 acres to optimize soil health and prevent pest and disease buildup.
We were able to plant 3000 water melons and 500 pumpkins.


We were able to cultivate 3.5 acres of bananas, each chosen for its unique characteristics like plantain and market demand is available.

Plantain and Irish potatoes(50*100)

These  were carefully cultivated on 50*100 piece of land using methods that optimize yield and quality. This involved controlled planting depths, appropriate spacing, and soil enrichment practices.


We were able to plant 2130 colon coffee seeds on 3.5 acres which we carefully selected for its adaptability to the local climate and soil conditions.

The coffee plants are meticulously cultivated, employing sustainable practices.